#WOCOMOCO Innsbruck 2015 “Did I really say that?”

For many many times I have been to congresses of all sorts.  But this one, was different.  You talk to people, of course.  But what do you talk about?  The Future.  Mobility.  Sharing.  Electric.  Interesting to find and hear so many voices and opinions.  Time to engage and say something too.  So-called “fish camps” were set up to allow small groups of audiences listen to new start-up ideas.  Those that got the most resonance were allowed to speak at the plenary panel session audience.  I also held a small talk but have to ask myself “Did I really say that?”

I found the whole organisation good.  I liked the topics.  I was intrigued by hearing so much about sharing and electric mobility.  But I also wanted to say my part, which is (a) the environmental aspect was not yet so much in the forefront as I would have liked to see, (b) are we truly reducing the congestion problem with going into the sharing mode, and (c) I asked when will the first hydrogen car sharing, wherever in the World, come to life?


WOCOMOCO Berlin 2017 “I had to say it”



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