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Hydrogen Challenge #2 Bergen-Bolzano (Day 5)

Day 5 and the last 305 km, but stretching across three countries, namely Germany (Bavaria), Austria (Tyrol) and Italy (South Tyrol).  Final destination:  Bolzano. More FCEVs joined the hydrogen pioneers along the way.  May I introduce, …

ITALY Bolzano hydrogen bus Line 10A and 10B

Perfect day for riding hydrogen buses from the central station to the Fiera Bolzano fairgrounds at Bolzano South, and nearby the Hydrogen Refuelling Station.  In Bolzano, the public transport company SASA SpA-AG runs fuel cell-buses on the

ITALY Bolzano South Hydrogen Refuelling Station #HydroChan

ALTO ADIGE – ITALY BOLZANO SOUTH (BZ)  UTC/GMC+2  N46°47.51′ E11°31.83′      ELEVATION: 262 m (860 ft)      FUEL: 350 bar GH2, 700 bar GH2 LOCATION: Via Enrico Mattei 1, 39100 Bolzano BZ      HWY A12: