Greetings, my name is Mortimer #hydrochan!

Hydrogen and fuel cells are part of the equation of our future to make our World a better place.  Why that is so, I try to find out by testing the technology.  I began with cars and buses, i.e. with the mobility, but the true advantage lies in combining other energy services and from renewable primary sources.  This website is meant to share some of my experience.

Testing a hydrogen bike in Hannover (2015)

My Topics :  Road Trips /Urban & Culture / Winter Tests


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Some Articles :  “A Journey South in a Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell” (December 2016) / “A Test Drive from Innsbruck to Amsterdam” (April 2016)


FCEVs (Fuel cell-electric vehicles) :  Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota … and maybe some more 🙂


All electric cars tested (including FCEVs)


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