mortimer hydrochan schulz_hyroller_wasserstoff hydrogen bicycle fahrrad_hannover messe_tobias renz fair_13042015

Mortimer Schulz (#hydrochan)

trying out the HyRoller

in Hannover, April 2015

Technology is changing every day, and it is hard to keep up with innovations.

In this website I share some of my experience, such as driving cars and buses with batteries, fuel cells or running on natural gas.

I ask myself what the future may look like.


I like to go on Road Trips


I like public transport in urban spaces & I like cultural activities


I like to test vehicles in Winter time


Thank you for your time and for your reading.  Always be safe and be healthy!



H2 International-Articles

“A Journey South in a Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell” (December 2016)

“A Test Drive from Innsbruck to Amsterdam” (April 2016)


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