Dear Hydro-Gents, Fuel Cel-Ladies and StorageFriends,

In March 2019 (13.03.2019), we drove in one fuel cell car from Frankfurt to Düsseldorf to the ESE 2019 Conference (Energy Storage Europe) organised by Messe Düsseldorf.
We want to drive with more people from more directions to the ESE 2020 Conference in March 2020.  Will you join us!
Either if you have your own hydrogen transportation means or like to share with one of our cars, please fell free to get in touch.

Hydrogen stations

Pending where you start your journey, there is bound to be a hydrogen refuelling station near you.  Contact me for details, as the number of hydrogen stations in Germany and also Europe keeps on increasing.


Please see below the Germany map from H2-Mobility (source: 2019-04-11

h2 mobility_hydrochan_energy storage europe 2020_map_11042019

H2 Mobility Energy Storage Europe 2020 Map

Fuel cell cars, hydrogen cars, fuel cell-electric vehicles

Let us see what type of cars will be available in the near future.

Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellentechnologie in Hessen

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Initiative of Hessen/Hessia (H2BZ-Initiative Hessen e.V.)

It is my firm belief that the sponsor of the Toyota Mirai of the 2019-tour will be back again.  And maybe many more companies and people from Hessen/Hessia, too. .

Destination Düsseldorf

Wherever you will start your journey, either within Germany or within Europe, let us know if you require assistance or advice, inspiration or energy.  I look forward to get in touch with you.  We just enjoy travelling emission-free to the conference about energy storage.

Energy Storage Europe 2020

COMING SOON!  The banner for the #ESE2020 will be placed here shortly.


Energy Storage Europe 2019 Conference in Düsseldorf


For hashtag enthusiasts:  follow #ESE2020.

Energy Storage App

For enthusiastic App users:  you may try the Energy Storage AppLink.

Hydrogen Stations App

In case you didn’t know:  you can view the hydrogen stations in Germany and Europe at the H2 Live App.  Link.
We shall be using it along the way to check availability of hydrogen at the various stations.

Press Statement

In due course.

Mortimer #HydroChan

For any interest, query, thought, remark or critique, please do feel free to contact Mortimer and #HydroChan.

Energytours-Blog (2019)

Blog:  From state capital to state capital
Please do look out for continuous updates!


Hydrogen Refuelling Infrastructure in Germany (practical experience)

Blog to be published shortly.

Mortimer HydroChan Schulz_ESE Düsseldorf

Mortimer HydroChan Schulz Going to Energy Storage Europe 2020 Düsseldorf