Dear Hydro-Gents, Fuel Cel-Ladies and StorageFriends,

In March 2019 (13.03.2019), I plan to drive in a fuel cell car from Frankfurt to Düsseldorf to the ESE 2019 Conference (Energy Storage Europe) organised by Messe Düsseldorf.

Hydrogen stations

… to be visited and refuelled at, either on the way to or on the way back, will/might/may/could/should/shall/must be: Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Limburg, Cologne/Bonn, Frechen, Leverkusen, Düsseldorf and Ratingen.

Lars Regge

I shall be driving together with Lars Regge, whom I met at the hydrogen station in Wiesbaden on my Innsbruck-Rotterdam Challenge last November 2018 and when we were both refuelling hydrogen; me in a Hyundai, he in a Toyota Mirai.  His page is and he combines endurance, resilience and he holds the World in pictures.  Last not least, Lars is European Energy Manager (CCI).  Driving together on this trip is a mind-bogglingly cool attempt to keep up the spirit of hydrogen and fuel cell pioneering.


Please see the below map from H2-Mobility for an overview.

frankfurt dusseldorf h2 mobility_hydrochan_energy storage europe 2019_map

Frankfurt Düsseldorf Map Source H2 Mobility

Toyota Mirai

Up until this moment (12.03.2019), we have finalised the availability of a fuel cell-vehicle (FCV), Toyota Mirai in Frankfurt, hooray, and it has been picked up already.  We are three hydrogen pioneers, see Blog.

Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellentechnologie in Hessen

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Initiative of Hessen/Hessia (H2BZ-Initiative Hessen e.V.)

It is thanks to the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Initiative of Hessen, headquartered in the state capital Wiesbaden, that they sponsored the Toyota Mirai for several hydrogen pioneers to a) test-drive, b) test-refuel and c) reach the Energy Storage Conference (see below) with hydrogen in time.  This fuel cell-vehicle can be shared by the public through the platform called book’n’drive.  Please see the following links, and contact me for further info:

LinkThe Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Initiative of Hessen (H2BZ_Initative Hessen e.V.)

Link“Weiter-mit-Wasserstoff” (I translate it to “Advance-with-Hydrogen”) for more info on a.o. hydrogen mobility in Hessia.

Thank you very much for the hydrogen ride together.


The aim is to leave Frankfurt at 07:00 am, stop in Wiesbaden and several hydrogen stations along the way and arrive in Düsseldorf at roughly 03:00 pm on 13.03.2019.  We will look out for hydrogen refuelling stations, add to our experience with refuelling hydrogen and related storage subjects on-the-spot, alternate drivers en route and just enjoy travelling emission-free in Germany.

Energy Storage Europe 2019

Whether we reach the Conference in good time depends on how much fun we are going to have along the way.  Will you be there, at the Energy Storage Europe 2019 Conference in Düsseldorf?


Energy Storage Europe 2019 Conference in Düsseldorf


For hashtag enthusiasts:  follow #ESE2019.

Energy Storage App

For enthusiastic App users:  you may try the Energy Storage AppLink.

Hydrogen Stations App

In case you didn’t know:  you can view the hydrogen stations in Germany and Europe at the H2 Live App.  Link.
We shall be using it along the way to check availability of hydrogen at the various stations.

Press Statement

Flexible Sector Coupling

Mortimer #HydroChan

For any interest, query, thought, remark or critique, please do feel free to contact Mortimer and #HydroChan.

Energytours-Blog with updates

Blog:  From state capital to state capital
Please do look out for continuous updates!


Hydrogen Refuelling Infrastructure in Germany (practical experience)

At the Conference, I shall be holding a short presentation on 13.03.2019 at 04:05 pm about my experience with driving fuel cell cars around Europe and address the hydrogen refuelling infrastructure in Germany, as well as showing some pictures of hydrogen storage solutions at the stations that we came across between Frankfurt and Düsseldorf.

Mortimer HydroChan Schulz_ESE Düsseldorf

Mortimer HydroChan Schulz Going to Energy Storage Europe 2019 Düsseldorf