corona virus and electric mobility

Corona, Virus and Electric Mobility

by Mortimer #hydrochan



The whole World is very much alert about this new kind of virus.  Does anyone wonder how the terrible deathly virus came to be?  Hard to believe the whole World is now the nest of this virus.  Good luck and perseverance on those working on the cure!
In the meantime, please always wash hands and teach others to wash hands before you eat anything.  Also, please keep at a distance to stay healthy.  It is only temporary.  We will see each other again.

Corona is, by definition, a halo around a heavenly body such as the sun or the moon.   In my childhood, I grew up with a Toyota Corona, and that is how I came to know about this name.  Now, there is a virus called … Corona.  Furthermore, I remember also from my childhood a certain Toyota Corona Mark II.  Leaves me to think that there will be a sequel to this virus, i.e. possibly called the SARS-Cov-3.  So, let us prepare for that now, learn from corona, fix our economy, and we will.  What we cannot fix are the politicians.  We will have a better future (hopefully) afterwards.  If you think anything else, then you are in the wrong boat, sorry.   Once again, please let us not think that when corona is over and done with, that all is normal again … forever.  Utter crap.  We design and define our future starting NOW.  Hooray!


1.  What does Corona mean for battery-electric mobility (EV) and fuel cell-electric mobility (FCEV)?

Production of automobiles is halting here and there, and so is that of electric mobility and fuel cell cars, though it would not be prudent to generalise.  It might be resumed when it is deemed to be safe to do so, but we need to ask:  in times like these, who needs a car?  So, if after the storm all is back to normal, will we still buy cars?  With what money?  Now is the time for our autonomous technology that has been lying there in the making.  Where is it?  If we are all quarantined at home, we want delivery of all sorts to come to our house; on the street, from the air.  Where are the autonomous cars and autonomous drones with fuel cells?  Is this not what the future has in store for us?  Autonomous ships, autonomous everything.
We got renewable energy, we got solar power, we have the visions and all the technical glitterati.  Let’s roll it out!
There are millions of jobs attached to this.  True, some things still have to be done by humans, of course.  And, we need all the protection gear we can get, of course.  But, what is the alternative?  Let’s go.


2.  The state of the individual car (electric or not)

Pretty soon, it will be a relic of the past.  Hydrogen cars not even constructed, not even born, they will never come anymore.  At least not for individuals and families where you sit behind the wheel.  The revolution has begun and we are not seeing it.  A few corporations in the World are doing nothing else all day than designing and defining our future FOR us.  Sadly.  We oblige.
When the virus is over, our history is over.  We will become new citizens, new subjects of something that never were before.  High debt, even more ridiculous governments, let alone all the 24 hour-supervision, perfect control and 5G.  So, already now we can scrap that production of individual cars.  The technology might be found in other types of vehicles, maybe those the World has not yet seen sofar, but those that will be necessary already very soon; dictated upon us by this little culprit.
I am not going to draw a bleak picture here.  Rather, as soon as this storm is over, I am getting into an FCEV, and I will drive very far, and come back.  And, I will continue to blog on this website, as I have done.


3.  Future of the EV and FCEV industry

Sorry to be blunt at this early stage:  the future is extremely bright.  What is needed now?  What is needed in the future?  Let’s build it and we will be ready before the next virus arrives, wherever that one comes from.  I see three types of economy.  First is the market-based economy.  Second is the bitcoin-digital-candyfloss-economy.  Third is the hydrogen economy (including the EV and FCEV).  The first two types have already collapsed in the wake of corona, or will do so within a few days.  The third type will outlive any crisis.  Why?  Because, it is not based on money, but on another currency (to begin with).

To Be Continued …



Mankind has mastered the steam engine.  Mankind has mastered the combustion engine.  Mankind will master the electric engine.  Mankind will master the fuel cell and hydrogen.


Updated:  31 March, 2020

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