mortimer schulz hydrochan hyundai nexo hydrogen stations austria part 1

hyundai nexo_omv wiener neudorf austria_öamtc test brennstoffzelle_mortimer Schulz hydrochan

Hyundai NEXO and Hyundai Tucson ix35 FCEV at OMV Wiener Neudorf

Almost a new year, hopefully Corona-friendly or even Corona-free.  We are three FCEVs (fuel-cell electric vehicles or electric vehicles with fuel cell and hydrogen tank) meeting up at the station OMV Wiener Neudorf, South of Vienna, Austria.  (more info on the station, CLICK)

We are talking about the famous chicken and the famous egg.  Do you build hydrogen stations first, or do you produce the cars and vehicles first?  Germany has got proportionally more stations than vehicles, while California has got more cars than stations.  This proves that both have already been demonstrated.

hyundai nexo fcev_tulln edc anlagentechnik gmbh_dietmar unfried_hsc hydrogen smart container_mortimer schulz hydrochan

Hyundai NEXO in front of the HSC Hydrogen Smart Container with Dietmar Unfried and Mortimer Schulz #hydrochan

One of my best experiences yet.  Dietmar Unfried and his team at EDC Tulln have built the container that can be seen in the picture behind the two of us.  I had just tested his HSC Hydrogen Smart Container and we successfully refuelled 160 bars 1.4 kg H2.  Good luck Dietmar and way to go!

(earlier visit to Dietmar Unfried in Tulln, CLICK HERE)

Hyundai NEXO FCEV_dashboard_mortimer schulz hydrochan

Hyundai NEXO dashboard

After having tested electric vehicles with batteries and fuel-cell electric vehicles for many years, I am still interested in the range, the acceleration and consumption and other factors that may influence my journey.  I really hope to see the technology being tested further in more types of vehicles and applications.  And, I invite anyone to try for yourself, or feel free to contact me.

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Hyundai Tucson Mortimer Schulz hydrochan

Hyundai Tucson 2021

While having driven various brands and models, Hyundai was the first on the road with a series hydrogen car based on the Hyundai Tuscon / ix35 FCEV, and then came out with the Hyundai NEXO.  With the new 2021 Hyundai Tucson out, I am curious to see whether there will be further variants from the ordinary combustion engine and hybrids.

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