hydrogen refuelling the austrian way hyundai nexo

christian clemenz dietmar unfried alexis rebeschini mortimer schulz hyundai nexo hydrochan hydrogen wasserstoffThe future is in our hands

Hydrogen refuelling has never been so easy.  Dietmar Unfried and his team from EDC Anlagentechnik, Tulln, Austria, showed me their technology.  I drove up with the Hyundai NEXO which I tested for two days, and we did some tests.  Everything was functioning like at any hydrogen station.  Fantastic!

Why hydrogen?

From one primary energy source, hydrogen can be produced and used for many different energy services or even be stored for longer time.  These energy services could be power (electricity), heat, mobility/transportation whether for a single unit, stationary or mobile, or for utility scale.  By using a fuel cell you get power, heat and water.

The Austrian way

It is this kind of innovation spirit that makes me want to jump out of bed and start the day.  After Dietmar and his team have experience for years outfitting hydrogen stations in Europe and Asia with the necessary electronics and management systems, their demo hydrogen filling station has proven to me that I can make it a business case.

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