“The Three Of Me” – #climatelaunchpad – Presentation in Vienna

A new day!

Held my presentation on June 12, 2017 in front of the ClimateLaunchpad in Vienna.  ’twas about:

Hydrogen Solutions For Our Off-Grid World

Mountain huts up high and lonesome building sites on islands alike are prone to expensive and cumbersome fuel supply.

One way to tackle the environmental issue that goes along with it is to re-think the use of resources and tap renewable sources.

When you need to store wind, hydro or photovoltaic power over longer periods of time, contact me about what hydrogen could do as an alternative.

Start A Conversation!

Email Mortimer #HydroChan

P.S.:  Had received good feedback on my presentation and interesting questions from the jury for which I am grateful.  Thank You!

Thank You also to [sic] vienna, you guys are great!

ClimateLaunchpad Finalists Energytours


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