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From state capital to state capital Wiesbaden (Hessen) Düsseldorf (Nordrhein-Westfalen)

All Toyota Mirai-Blogs On 13.03.2019, three hydrogen pioneers drove a Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell-Vehicle (FCV) from the Hessian State Energy Agency #lea to the Energy Storage Europe 2019 Conference in Düsseldorf and to hold a presentation amongst

Hydrogen Challenge #2 Bergen-Bolzano (Day 4)

Day 4 may have been felt by some as the most critical of the five days.  A total of 628 km were driven on the fourth day.  It was the day with the longest distance, and with

Hydrogen Challenge #2 Bergen-Bolzano (Day 3)

The “436 kilometres from Hamburg to Duesseldorf” mentioned in the YouTube-video, later were reduced to 404 km thanks to some diversions which initially were caused by the heavy traffic on the German Autobahn on Day 3.  I