Hydrogen Refuelling Stations Archive

From state capital to state capital Wiesbaden (Hessen) Düsseldorf (Nordrhein-Westfalen)

All Toyota Mirai-Blogs On 13.03.2019, three hydrogen pioneers drove a Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell-Vehicle (FCV) from the Hessian State Energy Agency #lea to the Energy Storage Europe 2019 Conference in Düsseldorf and to hold a presentation amongst

Munich Hydrogen Refuelling Stations – Take Two HydroChan

On February 7, 2017, I had visited two stations, one in Munich Central, and one in the Munich vicinity.  I wrote about it (Take One) in the Linde-blog.  At that time, there was an earlier station at

Innsbruck-Rotterdam (Part 1) Hydrogen Challenge #3 HydroChan

Tyrol (Austria) was the starting point of my Innsbruck-Rotterdam Hydrogen Challenge #3 journey on 11-03-18.  I drove the Hyundai ix35/Tucson FCEV which was the same one as on my Innsbruck-Amsterdam Hydrogen Challenge #1 journey in February 2016. 

Meeting the new Hyundai Nexo in Munich one day before the Oktoberfest

Following a first encounter in April 2018 with the new Hyundai Nexo at Hannover Messe, I re-met the Hyundai Nexo on 21.09.2018 evening in Munich, and had driven there from Mautern an der Donau with the previous

GERMANY Berlin Sachsendamm Hydrogen Refuelling Station

1. COUNTRY – City/Place: GERMANY – Berlin South (capital city) 2. Location (operator): Sachsendamm 90-92, 10829 Berlin Schöneberg (Shell) 3. Phone: +49-30-78703303 4. GPS-coordinates: X = 13.355071 °, Y = 52.478649 ° 5. Website: www.shell.de 6. Hydrogen

AUSTRIA Wiener Neudorf Hydrogen Refuelling Station #HydroChan

1. COUNTRY – City/Place: AUSTRIA – Wiener Neudorf (Lower Austria) 2. Location (operator): IZ NÖ Süd Strasse 4 Objekt 9, 2351 Wiener Neudorf (OMV) 3. Phone: +43-2236-62464 4. GPS-coordinates: X = 16.3233 °, Y = 48.0776 °

AUSTRIA Graz Hydrogen Refuelling Station #HydroChan

1. COUNTRY – City/Place: AUSTRIA – Graz (Styria) 2. Location (operator): Ostbahnstrasse 10, 8041 Graz (OMV) 3. Phone: +43-316-4249800 4. GPS-coordinates: X = 15.4642 °, Y = 47.04195 ° 5. Website: www.omv.at 6. Hydrogen offered: 700 bar

Linde hydrogen refuelling stations #HydroChan

On 3 February 2017, Mortimer Schulz, the founder and owner of solutions in energy e.U., drove from Innsbruck to Munich to increase learning experience about HRS on the occasion of three stations with Linde technology in Munich