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Innsbruck-Rotterdam (Part 1) Hydrogen Challenge #3 HydroChan

Tyrol (Austria) was the starting point of my Innsbruck-Rotterdam Hydrogen Challenge #3 journey on 11-03-18.  I drove the Hyundai ix35/Tucson FCEV which was the same one as on my Innsbruck-Amsterdam Hydrogen Challenge #1 journey in February 2016. 

Meeting the new Hyundai Nexo in Munich one day before the Oktoberfest

Following a first encounter in April 2018 with the new Hyundai Nexo at Hannover Messe, I re-met the Hyundai Nexo on 21.09.2018 evening in Munich, and had driven there from Mautern an der Donau with the previous

GERMANY Berlin Sachsendamm Hydrogen Refuelling Station

1. COUNTRY – City/Place: GERMANY – Berlin South (capital city) 2. Location (operator): Sachsendamm 90-92, 10829 Berlin Schöneberg (Shell) 3. Phone: +49-30-78703303 4. GPS-coordinates: X = 13.355071 °, Y = 52.478649 ° 5. Website: www.shell.de 6. Hydrogen