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corona virus and electric mobility

by Mortimer Schulz #hydrochan Our World society has chosen to drive hybrid and electric cars.  Since 2010, I have been driving and testing new technologies and have blogged about my experiences.  This year, I planned a major

Hyundai NEXO 551 kilometres with 1 tank

May 10, 2019 – Vienna/AUSTRIA to Offenbach/GERMANY May 11, ’19 – Offenbach/GERMANY to Innsbruck/AUSTRIA   Report (in German) :  Reichweiten- und Geschwindigkeits-Test Hyundai NEXO (Wasserstoff) 551 km German version / Deutsch Reichweiten- und Geschwindigkeits-Test Hyundai NEXO (Wasserstoff)


HYDROGEN CHALLENGE / ROAD TRIPS Innsbruck-Rotterdam (Part 1) Hydrogen Challenge #3   PRESENTATIONS AND CONFERENCES EL-MOTION 2019 Vienna – Day 2 EL-MOTION 2019 Vienna – Day 1 Green World Tour Berlin   HYDROGEN REFUELLING STATIONS   URBAN

Hyundai Nexo Winter Test Kamptal

Winter tests are nice when there is enough snow.  Of course, it does not make sense to first drive fast and then brake like mad, but it let’s you get to know the wheels under your feet

Innsbruck-Rotterdam (Part 1) Hydrogen Challenge #3 HydroChan

Tyrol (Austria) was the starting point of my Innsbruck-Rotterdam Hydrogen Challenge #3 journey on 11-03-18.  I drove the Hyundai ix35/Tucson FCEV which was the same one as on my Innsbruck-Amsterdam Hydrogen Challenge #1 journey in February 2016. 


PRESENTATIONS #WOCOMOCO Berlin 2017 “I had to say it” “The Three Of Me” – #climatelaunchpad – Presentation in Vienna   HYDROGEN REFUELLING STATIONS GERMANY Berlin Sachsendamm Hydrogen Refuelling Station AUSTRIA Wiener Neudorf Hydrogen Refuelling Station AUSTRIA Graz


HYDROGEN REFUELLING STATIONS AUSTRIA Asten Hydrogen Refuelling Station AUSTRIA Vienna Hydrogen Refuelling Station   ROAD TRIPS Hydrogen Challenge #2 Bergen-Bolzano (Day 1) – 5 parts Hydrogen Challenge #1 Innsbruck-Amsterdam (Part 1) – 6 parts   URBAN &

Hydrogen Challenge #2 Bergen-Bolzano (Day 5)

Day 5 and the last 305 km, but stretching across three countries, namely Germany (Bavaria), Austria (Tyrol) and Italy (South Tyrol).  Final destination:  Bolzano. More FCEVs joined the hydrogen pioneers along the way.  May I introduce, …