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corona virus and electric mobility

Corona, Virus and Electric Mobility by Mortimer #hydrochan   Intro The whole World is very much alert about this new kind of virus.  Does anyone wonder how the terrible deathly virus came to be?  Hard to believe

Hyundai NEXO 551 kilometres with 1 tank

May 10, 2019 – Vienna/AUSTRIA to Offenbach/GERMANY May 11, ’19 – Offenbach/GERMANY to Innsbruck/AUSTRIA   Report (in German) :  Reichweiten- und Geschwindigkeits-Test Hyundai NEXO (Wasserstoff) 551 km German version / Deutsch Reichweiten- und Geschwindigkeits-Test Hyundai NEXO (Wasserstoff)


HYDROGEN CHALLENGE / ROAD TRIPS Innsbruck-Rotterdam (Part 1) Hydrogen Challenge #3   PRESENTATIONS AND CONFERENCES EL-MOTION 2019 Vienna – Day 2 EL-MOTION 2019 Vienna – Day 1 Green World Tour Berlin   HYDROGEN REFUELLING STATIONS   URBAN