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SIX SENSES III – Driving the fuel cell-electric vehicle (FCEV) to the Tour de Vin at Schloss Gobelsburg in Lower Austria #HydroChan

SIX SENSES PART III – Tour de Vin In my previous Six Senses blogs, I compared wines with fuel cell-electric vehicles (FCEV).  On May 5, 2018, the Tour de Vin was held at Schloss Gobelsburg, Langenlois.  I

AUSTRIA Vienna Hydrogen Refuelling Station #HydroChan

1. COUNTRY – City/Place: AUSTRIA – Vienna (Capital City of Austria) 2. Location (operator): Shuttleworthstrasse 10, 1210 Vienna (OMV) 3. Phone: +43-1-2903740 4. GPS-coordinates: X = 16.41214 °, Y = 48.2705 ° 5. Website: www.omv.at 6. Hydrogen

FCEV winter-test in Slovenia

On 7 November 2016, Mortimer Schulz, the founder and owner of solutions in energy e.U., undertook a journey in a Hyundai ix35 FCEV (fuel cell-electric vehicle) provided by Hyundai Import, Inzersdorf. The trip began at 06:38 in