Groundhog Day HydroChan

Introducing the HydroChan mascot who in fact is a Groundhog.  Happy GROUNDHOG DAY!  HydroChan drove up in a hydrogen car to ask Hitzlifitzli, the fox, and some chicken for some hydrogen.  Hitzlifitzli can gladly satisfy the wish.

EL-MOTION+FC 2019 Vienna

And on the second of the EL-MOTION 2019 Conference in Vienna, fuel cells and hydrogen were added to the subject of electric mobility (+FC).  The majority of the presentations on this day were about the hydrogen topic

EL-MOTION 2019 Vienna HydroChan

The 9th EL-MOTION Conference on E-Mobility in Vienna was held on 30 and 31 January 2019.  It was my first time to attend it, and I listened to great presentations and I talked to interesting representatives.  Various