Upper Austria (A) Archive

Meeting the new Hyundai Nexo in Munich one day before the Oktoberfest

Following a first encounter in April 2018 with the new Hyundai Nexo at Hannover Messe, I re-met the Hyundai Nexo on 21.09.2018 evening in Munich, and had driven there from Mautern an der Donau with the previous

FCEV Winter Test Boehmerwald Bohemian Forest #HydroChan

On February 17, 2018, it was my second time testing a fuel cell-electric vehicle (FCEV) at Winter conditions.  HY!  My hydrogen car driver’s name is #HydroChan.  I test future mobility and share my hydrogen experience. The first

AUSTRIA Asten Hydrogen Refuelling Station #HydroChan

1. COUNTRY – City/Place: AUSTRIA – Asten (between St. Florian and Linz, Upper Austria) 2. Location (operator): An der Bundesstrasse 1, 4481 Asten (OMV) 3. Phone: +43-7224-66172 4. GPS-coordinates: X = 14.40833 °, Y = 48.22243 °