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Hydrogen Presentation at the Autarkia Green World Tour in Berlin on 29.09.18 #HydroChan

Since 2016, I have presented in front of a number of different audiences to report about my hydrogen trips across Europe.  This year in September, I was invited to speak at the Green World Tour fair and

#WOCOMOCO Berlin 2017 “I had to say it”

World Collaborative Mobility Congress is abbreviated as WOCOMOCO.  The congress takes place once a year, and I was fortunate to attend the one in Innsbruck in 2015 already.  So, Berlin 2017 was my second time already.   What

“The Three Of Me” – #climatelaunchpad – Presentation in Vienna

A new day! Held my presentation on June 12, 2017 in front of the ClimateLaunchpad in Vienna.  ’twas about: Hydrogen Solutions For Our Off-Grid World Mountain huts up high and lonesome building sites on islands alike are