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Hydrogen Presentation at the Autarkia Green World Tour in Berlin on 29.09.18 #HydroChan

Since 2016, I have presented in front of a number of different audiences to report about my hydrogen trips across Europe.  This year in September, I was invited to speak at the Green World Tour fair and

#WOCOMOCO Berlin 2017 “I had to say it”

World Collaborative Mobility Congress is abbreviated as WOCOMOCO.  The congress takes place once a year, and I was fortunate to attend the one in Innsbruck in 2015 already.  So, Berlin 2017 was my second time already.   What

“The Three Of Me” – #climatelaunchpad – Presentation in Vienna

A new day! Held my presentation on June 12, 2017 in front of the ClimateLaunchpad in Vienna.  ’twas about: Hydrogen Solutions For Our Off-Grid World Mountain huts up high and lonesome building sites on islands alike are

#WOCOMOCO Innsbruck 2015 “Did I really say that?”

For many many times I have been to congresses of all sorts.  But this one, was different.  You talk to people, of course.  But what do you talk about?  The Future.  Mobility.  Sharing.  Electric.  Interesting to find