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Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class FCELL

Mercedes-Benz Future Mobility First time I drove the B-Class FCELL in 2016 it was a different car than the GLC-Class FCELL.  Suddenly, I can chose whether I would like to charge the battery or just continue driving

2018 Hyundai Nexo at Hannover Messe #HydroChan #FCEV

On April 24, 2018, I tested three fuel cell-electric vehicles (FCEV).  Honda, Hyundai and Toyota.  I focus more on the handling and overall impression, less on the technical specifications. Why I drive FCEVs In 2013, I was

Mercedes-Benz B-Class FCELL Hannover Messe Mortimer Schulz Solutions hydrochan

Merecedes-Benz Future Mobility As a child of the 1980ies, I used to draw cars and tried to think what the future would be like.  Years later in 2016, I find myself sitting in a Mercedes with an