Hamburg (D) Archive

GERMANY Hamburg hydrogen bus Line 109

In Hamburg, the public transport company Hamburger Hochbahn AG runs different types of alternative propulsion on the “Innovationslinie 109” to test which option could work for the future.  On May 26, 2017, I got on at Alsterdorf

Hydrogen Challenge #2 Bergen-Bolzano (Day 3)

The “436 kilometres from Hamburg to Duesseldorf” mentioned in the YouTube-video, later were reduced to 404 km thanks to some diversions which initially were caused by the heavy traffic on the German Autobahn on Day 3.  I

Hydrogen Challenge #2 Bergen-Bolzano (Day 2)

The morning of Day 2 (13.06.2016) began for all FCEVs with a 3-minute hydrogen refuelling at Århus, Denmark.  The station was run by H2Logic (meanwhile superseded by NEL Hydrogen Refueling), a Norwegian-Danish company which at the time