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Of course, one ought to do distinguish between photovoltaics, which is the use of solar energy for the production of electricity or power, and solar thermal, which is the use of solar energy for the production of heating and in further array cooling.  Feedback welcome.


2018-04-06  Forscherteam entwickelt Solarzelle mit Rekordwirkungsgrad –

2018-04-04  Ein Drittel des Sonnenlichts in Strom wandeln –

2018-04-03  Solarzellen aus Kesteriten –


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I regard photovoltaics as one possible form of technology to derive primary solar power as a source of green energy for the production of hydrogen by way of water electrolysis.

Therefore, the continued research and development of photovoltaics may also have a bearing on hydrogen production in the wider sense.

Please be sure to check-in at later stage and read my blogs on the usage of photovoltaics for the production of hydrogen in the near future.

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